Engineered to perform

McLaren is one of the most prestigious brands on the planet. Deeply respected for its commitment to quality, craftsmanship and innovation, the McLaren marque has created some of the most distinguished models in the history of automotive. From the critically acclaimed McLaren F1 to the awe inspiring McLaren Senna, McLaren continues to lead the way in performance and design innovation.

Castore is the world’s first truly premium sportswear brand. Utilising cutting edge engineering techniques and world class performance fabrics to create products for athletes who demand the very best. With a deep commitment to the ethos of marginal gains, Castore seeks to enhance athletic performance and is driven by the Better Never Stops brand DNA. Castore is challenging the brands who have dominated the global sportswear market for generations and revels in this role of disruptor to the elite.


Optimal Comfort and Performance

The overarching ambition of the collaboration is to create garments that surpass any standard of quality previously existing in the sportswear world. To achieve this goal, no stone has been left unturned and we have searched for the most infinitesimal details within each product to find opportunity for improvement and reinvention. Every feature and detail has a reason and contributes to the overall aesthetic and performance of the garment. The results speak for themselves – a collection that seamlessly blends a classic, timeless design ethos with truly cutting edge fabrics, engineering and construction techniques. A true homage to the unique DNAs of the McLaren and Castore brands.

High Performance meets design precision

The Castore & McLaren collaboration fuses these respective ethos’ into an exclusive new collection. Featuring the world’s most advanced performance fabrics, sonic constructed engineering and McLaren’s distinct design identity featuring wave patterns, the range blends product, design and performance expertise to deliver garments of unparalleled quality in the global sportswear market.