Adam Azim's Tips On Training During Ramadan

Adam Azim's Tips On Training During Ramadan

Observed by the majority of Muslims worldwide, Ramadan is a month of fasting and prayer which promises many spiritual rewards and physical benefits. This year, Ramadan begins on the evening of Sunday 10th March and continues until Monday 8th April. During Ramadan, fasting times are specified through the sun and moon - Muslims fast between sunset and sunrise - their first meal is Iftar served after sunset and their last meal ‘Suhoor’ is served before dawn. Ramadan is a spiritual act designed to heal the mind, body and soul. 

We chatted to European super-lightweight champion and Castore athlete Adam Azim on how he tailors his training plan throughout the Ramadan period. Adam Azim, who took his professional boxing record to 11-0 with victory against Enock Poulson at Wembley Arena last month, uses Ramadan to reset both mentally and physically, before returning straight to high intensity sparring once Ramadan is over.

Azim enjoyed a successful 2023, winning three bouts and claiming the European light-welterweight title, before retaining the belt at Wembley Arena this February, optimising a Better Never Stops attitude, and standing by his reigning motto ‘Hard work. Dedication. Determination.’

Read on to learn more as Adam sheds light on how he remains relentless in his training regime throughout Ramadan. 

Do you alter the times that you train?

In this case, we're definitely going to alternate the time I train, this time the gym opens quite early like 5:00 o'clock/ 6:00 o'clock. In the fasting period this is a great time to train. The morning is when I have the most fuel. 

I still train when I have no fuel - you’ve got to get it done. 

Do you spar during Ramadan? And do you lower the intensity of your workouts during Ramadan?

I don’t really spar - however I still do pads with Shane. Running is the worst thing for me during Ramadan, obviously I feel it the most because I have no energy or water. But I try my best to do what I normally do.

We are trying to switch things up in my training regime and I do body sparring with my friends too. There will be around 8 or 10 of us and it's like a game, we fight each other and see who wins. 

I always win - haha. 

What does a training day during Ramadan look like? 

There is a Prayer called Taraweeh, which lasts around 20 mins to an hour. Once I finish that, I train. Sometimes I train before it too. 

Typically there will be two sessions in one day. Some days I train three times, because you have to be a bit of a superman and just do it. 

How do you prioritise health and wellbeing during Ramadan? Do you take more rest days?

I always go by how my body feels at the end of the day, because when you’re fasting, you’re losing a lot of muscle mass or body fat. 

Fasting is a great way to lose weight. When I go back to camp after fasting I am already in shape and I'm on my weight goal. After Ramadan last year, I was within my weight goal and in shape already - so I went straight back into sparring after fasting. I am really looking forward to Eid, the big celebration after you’ve fasted too. 

Fasting is a great health benefit, because during Ramadan your body detoxifies. Intermittent fasting is great for this too. 

What are your tips on staying cool during training to avoid dehydration?

I don’t train with A/C or anything. I like to be hot when I am in the gym. I hate being cool because it makes me think I am not working hard enough. I tend to keep it hot because you lose more muscle mass and body fat. 

If I am really feeling dehydrated I go to the toilet and put water on my head. When I get home I run water over the back of my head and it refreshes me. 

What motto do you live by during a hard training session?

Hard work. Dedication. Motivation.

And of course, Better Never Stops. 

What foods do you eat when you break your fast?

If i am honest most days after a fast I am craving Kebabs and Samosas, all the unhealthy stuff. But this time I have my nutrition coach on board. He’s going to be giving me a plan that is high protein and high carb. I do try to reduce carbs because you do get bloated during a fast. 

When you’re eating on an empty stomach you get full really quickly. 

What are your tips for training during Ramadan?

Cycling is a great form of exercise during fasting. I think last year I did around 150 miles on the bike. It's great for training legs. I push everything into it, last year I did 50 miles in two hours. 

Another tip is walking - you don’t want to be sitting at home, watching TV or sleeping. So up the calorie burning and get out for a walk. 

Another thing is a slow jog or Zone 2 training, nothing too strenuous. 

Do you do cycling kits at Castore? I would love to invest in some…

What products do you train in during Ramadan?

I like the T-shirts - the long sleeve ones. And The Scuba Hoodie.

And the ProTek gilet for running. The one I was caught running home by Sky Sports from my Wolverhampton fight. 

I love any of the Castore kit, I am wearing the joggers and socks now. 

It’s just really comfortable and cool. It's sweat-wicking too. 

Azim flagged the likes of Castore’s Scuba hoodie and ProTek gilet alongside any sweat-wicking products as his favourite items to train in during Ramadan, which are available in his Castore’s essentials range, shop here.

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